Content Moderation Services

Content Moderation Services


Content Moderation Services – We live in a digital world dominated by content. From social media to online forums, all of these sites rely heavily on user-generated content. Brands want their customers to be able to freely interact with and with each other online so that they can gauge their feelings for their products, services, and overall reputation.

This center flow requires moderation to ensure it adheres to website policies and also to ensure its accuracy. Other concerns include reducing cyberbullying and protecting the feelings of other users. That’s why SEO Company DMA offers content moderation services to help brands better manage their content online.

Our content monitoring and moderation services

Social media monitoring

Nowadays all brands are active on social media because it is a necessity. Their social media pages are full of comments and user posts. While most follow the guidelines of the social media content standards, others may contain fake and hateful content. It may also contain content in the form of photos and videos that do not follow the platform’s guidelines.

Our content moderation services manually review all user-generated content on your various social media pages and moderate it accordingly to ensure that your followers can interact freely in a positive social media environment.

Comment Moderation

It’s great to encourage visitors to your website or forum to interact with you by leaving comments on your articles or your products/services. This makes customers and prospects feel live, have a voice, and are heard. However, there are several comments that may be spam or violate the content submission guidelines.

Outsourcing content moderation allows you to let us verify any comment posted on your site or forum before approving and publishing. We follow strict guidelines set by you to ensure only relevant content reaches your site.


Image moderation

Images play an important role online and are the best way to attract new users to the site. Inviting users to share images is a great way to encourage online interactions. A big challenge in allowing image sharing is to moderate those images to ensure they don’t contain explicit content or images that may not be appropriate for that online platform.

Through our image moderation services, you can rest assured that our team of moderators will review each image to ensure quality and adherence to your guidelines.


Video Moderation

We are evolving into a video-dominated internet and it is extremely important that the videos posted on your site do not contain profanity, sexually explicit content or violence. What brands need these days are user-generated videos that go live as fast as possible, without compromising quality and rules.

SEO Company DMA video moderation services are able to monitor thousands of user-generated videos on a daily basis and tag them into relevant categories and reject videos that do not meet the guidelines in a set of predefined parameters.

SEO Company DMA is a content moderation company that can help you maintain your brand image by ensuring that all content on your website and social media accounts follows community guidelines and doesn’t hurt the humility and feelings of your customers. Our moderation services are essential in today’s digital world.
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